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Exploring Go: Movicall CLI App

Movicall started as a learning project to get hands-on experience with Go. I wanted to understand its unique features, especially concurrency and goroutines. By building Movicall, I aimed to create something practical while sharpening my programming skills.

What is Moviecall?

Movicall is a CLI app designed for searching movies and TV shows by their name. The results are displayed in a table format, providing complete names, ratings, languages, genres, and links to detailed webpages on the TMDB (The Movie Database) site. I used the TMDB API to power this functionality.


  • Search Movies and TV Shows: Find movies and TV shows by name.
  • Detailed Results: The app presents a table of results with names, ratings, languages, genres, year, and a link to the TMDB page for each entry.

Movicall app

Upcoming Features

I’m planning to add more features soon, such as searching for people and more detailed information and Comprehensive testing for the project

How to Get Started

Visit My GitHub and clone the Project. Use the provided instructions in the README to build and run.

Stay tuned for updates and new features!